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Value Based Care

Great outcomes start with a high-quality clinical experience. We’re committed to personal care from start to finish, so our patients feel like part of the family. The Radiation Center of Greater Nashua also has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to help our providers and staff deliver the care our patients deserve.

Value-based care means your health comes first. It offers more support for patients, coordinating the details that lead to better outcomes.
The Radiation Center of Greater Nashua is not only the first to be accredited by APEx (ASTRO), but also 37-74% lower in cost compared to NH area hospitals.

Value Based Care Billing Statement
Value based care at the Radiation Center of Greater Nashua

This provides significant savings for patients who may have a large out-of-pocket cost.

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Hospital Charges

RCGN Charges


*All above pricing is based on average course of radiation therapy treatment from NH hospital online fee schedules. Hospitals within a 10-mile radius of Nashua.

Our financial counselors can provide a free estimate for your course of radiation therapy that can be compared to a hospital estimate.  This will give you peace of mind that you are receiving high quality of care, close to home.

Medicare Patients

For Medicare patients the Radiation Center of Greater Nashua provides approximately a 37% savings over hospital rates.  Medicare provides an easy-to-use website to compare hospital versus non-hospital fees.

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