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Social Working

Oncology Social Working Services

At the Radiation Center of Greater Nashua we have a Certified Oncology Social Worker who is available to meet with patients for a variety of psychosocial needs during radiation treatment.

We also have a Support Group for cancer patients, survivors, caregivers or close family members or friends of a person affected by this devastating disease. It is open to any member of the community.  The meetings have a capped attendance and all requests to attend must RSVP.  Pre-registration is required. Please use the main entrance to the Radiation Center.

Q: What type of services do Oncology Social Workers provider? 

A: Our Social Worker will attempt to meet with all patients receiving radiation treatment for a routine psychosocial assessment to identify any barriers or concerns during treatment.  She can also provide emotional support and counseling during treatment, family support, long term care planning and resource navigation around in home support, transportation and financial concerns.   

Q: What training is needed to become a licensed social worker? 

A: A Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) is a master level social worker that has gone through the clinical classes at a master’s level Social Worker Program followed by two years of clinical supervision and a licensure exam.  In addition, there is an Oncology Certification for Social Workers who have had 3+ years of Oncology Experience (OSW-C). 

Social working nurse with patient in wheelchair
Oncology Social Work Services at the Radiation Center
Q: Who should see an Oncology Social Worker?  

A: Everyone should see a social worker at least once during treatment.  Our social worker will be able to screen for individuals needs and provide them with the appropriate support, counseling and/or resources that they may not find on their own.  “Oncology Social is designed to promote the patient’s best utilization of the health care system, the optimal development of coping strategies and the mobilization of community resources to support maximum functioning.” (Association of Oncology Social work)  

Q: How do I get in touch with the Oncology Social Worker? 

A: Our social worker is available two and half days a week, days and times vary.  You can reach her by calling the main Radiation Center phone number at 603-880-1590 or ask Radiation Center Staff to contact Social Worker.