M Klesh 30 Year Dedication

Radiation Center Dedicates Roadway to 30-Year Cancer Advocate and Employee

The Radiation Center of Greater Nashua recently dedicated its private roadway to 30-year cancer advocate and employee, Michael Klesh, RT (R)(T). Mr. Klesh ais a pillar in the communities of New Hampshire. For several decades his contributions have made a difference in the lives of individuals impacted by Cancer.  

“Mike has been, and is, dedicated to the main principles of our mission established from our founding partners, ‘improve the quality of life for those impacted by cancer,’ deliver ‘state of the art care’ and ‘collaborate with healthcare partners,’ Andrew DesRosiers, Executive Director of the Radiation Center of Greater Nashua.

Mr. Klesh has been part of the Center’s team since its beginning in 1992 when he participated in treating the first patients. He is  also one of the first NH licensed Radiation Therapists. In addition to his work at the Center, Mr. Klesh has served as an active board member and clinical coordinator for the NHTI – Concord Community College Radiation Therapy Program.

“Mike has mentored over 100 students that have graduated from the program and has served as a valuable member to the Radiation Therapy Program with his knowledge, experience, and insight of the field. He is also responsible for the advances for the Radiation Therapy Program with the State of New Hampshire,” states Amy VonKadich, M.ED, RT(T), Department Chair for the Department of Diagnostic Medical Imaging at NHTI.


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