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Radiation Center of Greater Nashua Receives Award: The First Center in Northern New England to Offer Tattoo and Mark-Free Radiation Treatments for Breast Cancer

August 12, 2022 – Nashua, NH – This week the Radiation Center of Greater Nashua became the First Center in Northern New England to be awarded for their Tattoo and Mark-Free Radiation Treatment for breast cancer. There are only 155 centers in the world offering this cutting-edge technology. During the award ceremony, Nicole Caruso from VisionRT highlighted the accomplishment as the award was presented to Dick Plamondon the Chairman of the Radiation Center Board.

Permanent marks and unwanted tattoos are daily reminders for breast cancer patients and survivors. More than 78% of patients have voiced their preference for tattoo and mark-free treatments according to an article from The Breast Journal.1  

“We are extremely proud to offer this type of treatment for our patients,” says Stephen Harris, MD. “Our research has shown that our patients clearly prefer having the option of going tattoo and mark-free and we’re really pleased to be able to offer treatments that put our patients, their needs and their safety first.” 

The Radiation Center of Greater Nashua is using the AlignRT targeted navigation technology in conjunction with a technology known as Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT)

Fifteen out of the top 15 US News and World Report “Best 50 Hospitals for Cancer” use AlignRT. This award recognizes the Radiation Center of Greater Nashua as being part of an exclusive, but growing group of tattoo and mark-free centers around the world.  

Video link on technology: Available upon request

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